Our Conventional Loans Allow The 2022 Loan Limits

December 7, 2021

In case you have not heard, the Federal Housing Finance Agency released their highly anticipated conforming loan limits for 2022. The baseline conforming limit has increased to $647,200 which is an increase of 18% over 2021.  The conforming limit for high-cost areas will be $970,800.

As well, we recently announced that we are offering the higher limits right now for our conventional loans for those who are eligible.

Have Your Homebuyers Who Are Wanting To Purchase Call Us Today!

Many other lenders are not offering the higher limits until after January 1, 2022.

What Are The Benefits

Homebuyers can get a loan for higher-priced homes without having to obtain Jumbo financing.

What Does Our Conventional Loan Offer?

Lower down payment options and flexibility that other loan types do not.

We Are Here To Walk You Through The Process Every Step Of The Way!

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