Customized Loan Solutions Just For You

September 28, 2020

Self-employed? Veteran? Property Investor? Were you aware that there are specific loan types just for you? Maybe you have a family member or friend who fits one of these particular scenarios and would like to purchase a home.

Along with traditional financing we have niche lending products targeted to specific circumstances:


Our Bank Statement program allows eligible self-employed people to use personal or business bank statements to qualify for a loan. You do not have to own 100% of a business to qualify.


We have a VA home loan for American veterans, the military currently serving in the U.S, and honorably discharged veterans. Down payments are not required and no monthly mortgage insurance will be added to the loan

Property Investors

Whether you are wanting to buy a vacation home or property to rent, there is a loan designed to achieve real estate investment goals. This loan allows buyers to qualify based on the cash flow of a property and does not require tax returns or employment information.

These are just some examples of customized loan solutions we offer to homebuyers with varying circumstances. Call Angel Oak today to discuss your loan scenario – We are happy to advise and answer any questions. As well, pass this along to anyone you know who might need a personalized loan option.

We Are Here To Walk You Through The Process Every Step Of The Way!

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