Application Checklist

February 8, 2021
All Borrowers
  • W-2’s for last two years
  • Most current paycheck stubs
  • Two months of checking and savings account statements including all pages even if blank
  • Quarterly or semi-annual statements for checking, savings, IRAs, CDs, money market funds, stocks, 401K, and/or profit sharing, etc…
  • Copy of fully executed sales contract
  • Employment history from the last two years
  • Residency history from last two years that includes landlord or mortgage company contact information
  • Canceled earnest money check once cleared
  • Social security card and drivers license for all borrowers and non-purchasing spouse
  • Tax returns from the past two years
  • Copy of note, deed of trust, settlement statement, and survey if refinancing
  • Any assets used for down payment, closing costs, cash reserves and large deposits must be documented
  • Copies of sold properties if mortgage was paid off in the last two years
Documents For VA Loans
  • Original Certificate of Eligibility
  • Certificate of Release of Discharge from active duty and copy of DD214
  • Name and address of nearest living relative
Self-Employed Borrowers
  • Copies of most recent two years of tax returns with all schedules including K-Is if applicable
  • Current profit and loss statement and a balance sheet
  • Copy of corporate / partnership tax returns for most recent two year period for ownership of 25% or more including W-2s and / or 1099 forms
Miscellaneous Required Documents
  • Agreement if financed by an employer (buyout agreement, documentation outlining company, and paid closing costs)
  • Previous bankruptcy information including copies of petition for bankruptcy, discharge, and supporting schedule
  • Documentation supporting moneys received from social security, retirement trust income through direct deposit bank statements, award letter, and evidence of income

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