Self-Employed And Real Estate Investors Need A Realtor Who Understands

September 27, 2022

There are two pool of homebuyers you should target in your messaging – self-employed and real estate investors. Let them know you get who they are and what their home loan needs might be!

Here are two great examples:

Self-employed homebuyers – send a message that you understand that tax returns might pose a challenge when getting a traditional loan due to the tax write-offs they take. Let them know they might be eligible for a Bank Statement loan. No tax returns required. You have a lending partner who specializes in Bank Statement loans. We accept 12 or 24 months of personal or business bank statements or 1099 earning statements for qualification.

Real estate investors – send a message to real estate investors that you understand the documentation needed for qualifying for a home loan can be complicated. Not to mention they can’t get a traditional loan if they are buying a non-warrantable condo or have over 10 properties. Tell them an Investor Cash Flow loan is much simpler and easy to close. You have a lending partner with more flexible loan options. Investor Cash Flow qualifies on the cash flow of the rental property - no income or employment information required.

Set yourself up as an expert Realtor for self-employed and real estate investors. It’s a way to differentiate from the competition and bring value to your clients!

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